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At Grand Saw, we stock a large inventory of saw blades including abrasive, band saw blades, carbide tipped, circular, reciprocating saw blades, diamond, bi-metal, high speed steel, and hack saw blades. Band saw blades welded to length per customer order for quick delivery.

We offer a complete sharpening and repair service for carbide, circular, and high speed steel saw blades. Pick up and delivery is available in selected areas.






                        "... offering the highest standards

            in steel and carbide coating technology"






STARK offers circular saw blades for a variety of cutting applications and materials.

Click here for a complete list of STARK coating options and applications.


Circular Saw Blades - High Speed Steel, Segmental & Carbide Tipped

High Speed Steel

  • Bright finished, steam treated, flash chrome
  • Diameter range of 175 to 630 mm
Saws International Carbide Tipped Circular Metal Saws


  • M 2 = DIN 1.3343 and M 35 = DIN 1.3243 (5% Cobalt>
  • Diameter range of 250 to 1610 mm
  • Tooth pitches dependent of the teeth per segment (tps)
Saws International Carbide Tipped Circular Metal Saws

Carbide Tipped Circular Metal Saws

  • Ferrous - Many types for sawing solid material, tubes and profiles
    - Kinkelder produces TCT saws in diameters of 150 to 2000 mm in various tooth pitch and geometry specifications
  • Non-Ferrous - Type NEN-negative. Most suited to cutting thin walled profiles in aluminum and plastics. Type NEN-positive. Recommended for sawing non-ferrous materials
    - Both type have a diameter range of 200 to 500 mm
  • Wood & Plastics - A wide range of product variants, for different applications
    - Diameter range of 150 to 700 mm




  • Diamond Blades for Asphalt, Concrete, Masonry & Tile Cutting.
  • Abrasive Blades, High Speed Diamond Blades, High Speed Segmented & Turbo Diamond Blades & Diamond Core Bits.