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Ironworkers, Presses & Shears

Scotchman - Metal Fabricating Solutions Scotchman Ironworker DO 120/200-24M

Ironworker DO 120/200-24M
  • 120-ton punch station (1-1/2" in 1")
  • 200-ton, 24" flat bar shear with sabre blade

Scotchman Ironworker DO 135/220-24M

Ironworker DO 135/220-24M
  • 135-ton punch station (1-1/16" in 1")
  • 220-ton, 24" flat bar shear with sabre blade
Standard Features - for both DO 120/200-24M & DO 135/220-24M
  • Dual operator allows for two operators to work at the same time at full capacity
  • Keyed punch ram for safety
  • 12" throat depth
  • Punch gauging table with fence and scale
  • Die holder complete with 2" and 2-1/2" die inserts
  • Punch nut with wrench
  • Adjustable swing-away stripper
  • One round punch & die: max. diameter 1-1/4"
  • Punch jog control
  • Two electric remote foot pedals
  • Two adjustable electric stroke controls with scale
  • Two hydraulic pumps
  • Two valves
  • Angle shear capacity: 6" x 6" X 1/2" at 90°
  • Rectangle notcher 3" x 5-3/4" X 1/2"
  • Notcher table with guides
  • Shear table with miter fence
  • Tool table work area
  • Slug receptacles
  • Electrical box supplied with emergency palm button and lock-out tag-out accommodations
  • 230/460 volt / 3-ph electrics (must specify voltage)
  • All guards necessary to comply with ANSI B 11-5 standards
  • Forklift accommodations
  • One-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

National - Shear Braking Power Metal Shears - National foot shears are designed for precise shearing through 16 gauge mild steel. This shear is also recommended for shearing aluminum, plastic, copper, brass and lead. All cast iron body with four cutting edge high carbon, high chromium blades, back gauges, table gauges, spring actuated hold down, front arm extensions, bottom treadle safety stop and full three year warranty.

Air Shears - National offers three heavy duty all cast iron body shears. These air shears are standard with four cutting edge high carbon high chromium blades, front arm extensions, table gauges, back gauges, and heavy duty foot switch.

Hydraulic Shears - National heavy duty power shears are equipped with a fully integrated hydraulic unit. Complete with electrical hydraulic valve, pilot operated-pressure relief valve, heavy duty foot switch that allows this unit to return to the top of the stroke when the operator removes his foot from the foot switch. Heavy duty double acting cylinders. Fully enclosed control panel. The National shear is actuated by a portable shrouded electric foot switch attached to a long flexible cable so it may be positioned comfortable to the operator. Extra Heavy cast iron body with solid 4-edge high carbon high chromium blades. Quick adjusting back gauge for direct reading with a positive lock. Standard with table gauges and front arm extensions.

1/4 Hydraulic Shears - National offers four powerful heavy duty precision hydraulic shears with all steel cutter heads and tables. Standard with hydraulic rubber inserted holddowns, quick adjusting back gauge for direct reading with a positive lock, front arm extensions, table gauges, heavy duty foot switch and well lighted work area. You receive a full three year warranty. The hydraulic unit conforms to J.I.C. standards featuring simplicity of design. The National hydraulic system is simple to maintain with standard replacement parts such as valves, cylinders, hoses and oil. The National shear is actuated by a portable shrouded electric foot switch attached to a long flexible cable so it may be positioned comfortable to the operator.

National Shears have high carbon, high chromium blades with four cutting edges of premium quality tool steel and will withstand nicking and wear better than relieved blades. National blades are secured to the shear with tempered flathead screws through countersunk holes in blades. Complete cuts of full width pieces are 2” longer than specified cutting length. The high strength cast iron constructed side frames are made of the highest tensile strength metal needed for long life and accurate shearing. Underdrive construction with downward cylinders and major hydraulics under the bed gives the shear a low profile.

Bench Brakes - Simplicity of design allows these brakes to work in the most direct fashion. Easy to set up and operate. Body sections are welded steel plates, with heavy truss rods and braces for longer life and greater strength. These brakes are standard with extension handles, apron stop for repeat bends, and replaceable bushings at points of wear.

Box & Pan Brakes - National has four popular floor model box and pan brakes designed to be easy and simple to operate. Standard with 2”, 3” and 4” finger widths, stop rods for repeat bends, two large counterweights, and precision bearings on the apron. All steel body construction with extra heavy tie rods for minimum deflection.

Heavy Duty Box & Pan Brakes - National offers four heavy duty box and pan brakes made in the U.S.A. Standard with heavy body construction, precision bearings on the apron, two large cast iron counterweights and apron stop for repeat bends. The National name means quality. Section fingers are precision machined from rolled steel bar stock for maximum strength. The fingers can be adjusted or removed quickly by the loosening of a cap screw. Heavy duty steel plates and tension bars are precision incorporated for minimum deflection.

Hand Brakes - National offers these hand brakes with a great deal of pride. A simple design, utmost strength with a long life of dependable service. Streamline designed for fast, accurate bending — even for the inexperienced workman. Heavy steel body construction with extra heavy tie rods for perfect alignment. Precision bearings on the apron assures you of a smooth operating brake. These brakes come with a full three year warranty.

Power Roll Forming Machine - National's 3" and 4" power rolls are designed for simple operation. Standard with forward and reverse drum switch. Quick release upper roll. Positive chain drive. Heavy duty gear box. Front guard for additional safety. Heavy duty stand is standard.

National’s rolls incorporate three precision turned, ground, and polished high carbon steel rolls. Extra heavy duty end frames with quick release handle on the right front for speedy production forming.

The drive train is powered with a heavy duty precision reduction gear box to assure durability and long life. The electric panel and gear box are housed in a ventilated stand for protection.

Precision roll adjustment is achieved by turning the hand wheel on the left end of the roll. Repeatability is maintained by the forming scale above the hand wheel.

Betenbender Shears and Press Brakes Hydraulic Shears
  • 36" Power Backgauge with LED Readout Inch / Metric.
  • Power Adjust Variable Rake
  • 4' Squaring Arm with Inlaid Scale
  • Hour Meter
  • Light Beam Gauge (Shadow Line)
  • Single Piece Top and Bottom, HCHC Shock Resistant Knives with Four Cutting Edges
  • Hydraulic Self-Compensating Holddown Bar Assembly
  • NEMA Electrics
  • All Hydraulic Fluids Included
  • American Made Motor and Valves
  • Safety Switch for Front Guard
  • Disconnect Switch
  • American Made Hoses and Fittings
  • All Steel Construction
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 2500psi
  • Manual Rapid Blade Gap Adjustment (3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4")
  • Manual Swingup Backgauge
  • 230/460 Volts
  • Foot Switch

Hydraulic Press Brakes
  • Clamp Type Backgauge-Manual Adjustable X, Y, & Z - 24"
  • 2 Speed Ram (17T-70T)
  • 3 Speed Ram (95T-350T)
  • NEMA Electrics
  • Three Position Foot Pedal
  • Depth Stop with Digital Readout
  • Bottom Time Delay American Made Valves and Motors
  • Disconnect Switch
  • American Made Hoses & Fittings
  • All Steel Construction
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 2750 PSI
  • Cylinders are Steel, Double Acting Piston Type with Hardened, Ground and Chromed Rods
  • Hardened Pins with Spherical Bearings for Alignment
  • Front & Back of Bed Machined Smooth for Mounting of Gauges

Northfield Foundry & Machine Co.

Northfield Under Table Cut-Off Saws - 410S

Under Table Cut-Off Saws
Model 410S
Northfield Under Table Cut-Off Saws - Model 410S with Stabilized Upper Guard

When extreme accuracy is required in cutting lumber, non-ferrous metals, plastics & composites.
  • 4" x 10" Capacity
  • 18" Blade (not included)
  • Right Hand
  • Arbor wrench for tightening the loose saw collar
  • Pin provided for arbor lockup during blade changes
Northfield Automatic Tailboy

Automatic Tailboy
Northfield Automatic Tailboy - Replace the Helper on Your Ripsaw

Northfield Automatic Tailboy is a fully automatic machine whose function is to replace the helper in connection with a chain feed, straight-line ripsaw. It will operate with any make of modern, single saw, straight-line ripsaw. The machine grips the lumber between an upper and a lower belt as it comes out of the ripsaw. When the lumber is completely out of the ripsaw, the belts stop, shift sideways with the board, then reverse and rapidly return the board across the ripsaw table to a position next to the ripsaw operator. The belts then unclamp and return to the receiving position. Production is about the same with the ripper using our Tailboy as when the ripping was done by two operators.

Fully Automatic - The Tailboy requires no attention from the operator to complete its automatic cycle. The opening height for various thicknesses of lumber is set automatically.