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   Sawing Equipment, Saw Blades, Accessories, and Supplies

Metal and woodworking saw blades and sharpening... when it comes to metal and wood cutting, nobody knows it like us!

  • Expert sharpening and repair
  • All types of circular saws
  • From 4" to 54"
  • Pick up and delivery available in selected areas

Sawing Machines-Grand Saw
Sawing Machines
Band Saw Blades & Saws-Grand Saw
Band Saws & Saw Blades
Saw Blades-Grand Saw
Circular Saws and Saw Blades
Lenox Band Saw Blades and Sawing Fluids
Sharpening & Grinding Services-Grand Saw
Sharpening, Grinding & Repair Services
Abrasives & Grinding Wheels-Grand Saw
Abrasives & Grinding Wheels
Sawing Fluids, Chemicals, & Liquids-Grand Saw
Sawing Fluids & Liquids
Ironworkers, Presses & Shears-Grand Saw
Ironworkers, Presses & Shears
Grand Saw and Machine distributes heavy duty, metal cutting, and fabricating machines for the metal cutting industry. Types of saws we feature include: vertical and horizontal band saw machines, circular sawing machines, abrasive cut off saws, and manual thru fully automatic programmable sawing systems. We stock a complete line of saw blades. Band saw blades welded to length to order, high-speed steel circular saw blades, carbide tipped circular saw blades, and abrasive cut off wheels. We have a fully equipped shop to repair and sharpen high-speed steel, segmental, and carbide tipped circular saw blades. Our open hours are Monday thru Friday, from 8 A.M to 5 P.M