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About Grand Saw & Machine

"When a customer considers you part of their company, then you've been successful with that customer."

Those words were first spoken to me many years ago by my father, Les Grand. In 1970, with many years spent in the Industrial Saw business, my father decided to go into business for himself. Sales of metal and woodworking saw blades and machines, repair and sharpening were the services offered. With a solid core of customers who had come to count on my father for their cutting needs, Grand Saw & Machine Company was born.

My father would go out of his way to take care of his customers. Just selling and sharpening wasn't good enough. Les Grand's reputation was that he was genuinely interested in improving the business operation of his customers. With the right machines and blades for their specific application, downtime was at a minimum and productivity and profitability were increased. That was his job. That was the job of every employee at Grand Saw and Machine Company.

As a teenager, I was exposed to all facets of the saw business. From simple repairs at first, to learning the differences in metals and cutting machines, to welding, sharpening and balancing. I was taught by the best - my father.

In today's climate, with more demands on personnel and machinery to increase productivity, and with the development of new metals, problems arise. A universal saw blade doesn't work. Sharpening is far more than putting on an edge that looks good and seems to be sharp.

When our customers have a problem - we're the ones they call. Expertise and attention-to-detail, such as checking for tolerances, or grinding to exact geometries for the specific application, is part of every job. And, of course, quick turn-around is as important as ever before. We are an authorized and certified Lenox® Welding Center.

If it needs to be cut, a specific machine and blade has been made for that job. We represent the leading manufacturers. Sales - we'll be there. Service - we'll be there. Training - you can count on Grand Saw and Machine. Today, and in the future, we are committed to continue the tradition of satisfying the customer's needs - a tradition started by my father over 35 years ago. We want to be a part of your company. We'll take care of your cutting needs, you take care of the rest. Give us a try!

- Bill Grand, President